Being practising engineers, we recognize there is no one brand/model that is the ‘best’. Each brand/model has its own pros and cons. We, ourselves use equipment of different brands/models, depending on the particular job requirement.

What is best for you may not suit another engineer. To us, the best brand/model usually depends on two factors

  • Getting the job done effectively in the easiest and fastest manner
  • Most value-for-money

Test equipment (energy loggers, power quality monitors, multi-function testers, etc) are all hefty investments. We here at pD are committed to help you identify the right tool (brand /model) based on your job requirements, needs and budget. Yes, we do charge a small fee for that. But hey, that’s better than buying an expensive monitoring equipment only to realise you actually use 10% of its functions, 99% of the time.

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